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Video: Aston Martin Vanquish artwork created completely out of leather

Putting excess cowhide to good use

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There’s nothing like the feel and smell of leather to liven up a car’s interior. Despite our sweltering climate, no one can deny the upscale appeal of cowhide-clad upholstery and interior trimmings. It makes even the most affordable cars feel a class higher.

Unfortunately, the art and science of cutting and putting leather pieces together to form a seat can also be quite wasteful. Scraps aren’t uncommon on any assembly line. And with most cars today sporting such materials in their cabins, the sad reality is that a lot of the stuff goes to waste.

Well, not all of it. Thanks to the environment-conscious efforts of most manufacturers, much of the excess leather is used to make different kinds of merchandise, or is sold to other craftsmen for their own use. At Aston Martin, however, dead cows take on a more artistic form in their afterlife. The artists at the VIP Atrium in Gaydon, United Kingdom, have crafted a unique masterpiece befitting the luxury brand: an Aston Martin Vanquish made entirely out of leather.

The artwork is a mix of the different kinds of pieces used in various Aston Martin cabins. This consists primarily of an assortment of stitched leather parts and bits. The result is nothing short of remarkable.

Don’t believe us? Watch the short video above and see for yourself. We should be thankful that nothing has gone to waste.


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