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by Jason Tulio | Apr 29, 2017

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Oh, titos. Don't you just love them? Sure, their wardrobes are at least a decade too old and their jokes are...well, corny, but they're adorable all the same. We admire them so much that we put together a list of the essential tito car items, and this resonated with our readers. 

That article inspired our challenge. A few months ago, we called out to all the titos to show us their cars. And we didn't just want ordinary vehicles. No, we wanted to see rides that were littered with all the quintessential tito items: CDs, tissues, old clothes, the works. The more stereotypical, the better. The winners would be featured in our magazine alongside our own resident tito Niky Tamayo

In the end, two cars were chosen: an old-school Mitsubishi Lancer box-type, and a modern Toyota FJ Cruiser. The cars were from different eras, but they both had that tito soul that everyone loves so much. Press play on the video above to get a closer look at some of the coolest tito cars you'll ever see. 

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