The Volkswagen Golf GTS will reignite your love for wagons

An enjoyable people mover
by Jason Tulio | Jul 15, 2017

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Philippine roads are littered with sporty crossovers and big SUVs, while station wagons don't enjoy the kind of love that they did in the past. Cars today are all about looking sleek and futuristic. The old wagon body, meanwhile, looks kind of dated in comparison. You see the odd one here and there on the streets, but they're very much the minority.

It's too early to tell at this stage, but we get the feeling that the new Volkswagen Golf GTS will change a lot of people's minds. Like the name implies, it's a longer version of the Golf hatchback. It's comfortable at steady speeds, but lively when you bury the deep throttle, living up to its Grand Touring Sport name. At P1.4 million, it has a lot to offer to a wide range of families and weekend warriors. 

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To learn more about why we love Volkswagen's new wagon so much, click play to watch our full review. Don't forget to grab a copy of our magazine's July 2017 issue as well. 

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