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Nine Filipinos were flown to Singapore for the regional finals of this year's Subaru Car Challenge.  The annual endurance competition drew in 399 contestants from eight countries determined to bring home a brand-new Subaru car.

Aside from a five-minute break every six hours, no contestant was allowed to lift their palm off their assigned vehicle for days. Not only did the scorching heat and rain put the 399 hopefuls to the test, they also had to fight off dehydration, fatigue and hallucinations in order stay in the running.

The Philippine contingent this year saw competition regulars as well as a handful of new entries. Of the 10 slots allotted to the Philippines, only nine participants were sent (lack of necessary documents hindered the last contestant from joining them in Singapore).

By the fifth day, only three participants remained—two from Singapore and one of our own, Alex Neblasca, a car challenge veteran. This is Alex's eighth year joining the contest, and this time around, he held on for 73 hours and 50 minutes before retiring.

Thanks to teamwork and resilience, the Philippine team managed to bring home the Country Team Winner Title as the region with the longest combined standing time. That’s a SGD10,000 (P348,000) prize.

Motor Image Pilipinas, the official distributor of Subaru in the Philippines, holds local challenges in different parts of the country to determine the finalists to be sent to Singapore. So if you plan on joining in hopes of bringing home a brand-new car, watch the video to find out what’s in store.


Elaine Lara
Print Assistant Managing Editor
Elaine is our fuel and toll fee number cruncher. And as editorial assistant, she is also a cyberstalker of prospective feature candidates for the magazine.
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