What do you do when Lexus lends you an LFA for your birthday?

And if your name is Tony Hawk
by Vernon B. Sarne | May 16, 2012

Tony Hawk jumps over Lexus LFA

Let's say you're Tony Hawk. Yes, the globally famous superstar skateboarder. Let's say Lexus lends you a $400,000 special unit of the LFA supercar for your birthday weekend, what will you do with it?

Turns out the above scenario really happened. Hawk, who turned 44 on May 12, was lent a yellow LFA by Lexus just so he could celebrate his special day in style. We're sure that had we been in his shoes, we would have used the car to wow our relatives and friends, just going wild behind the steering wheel on the highway. But that's the thing--we are not Tony Hawk.

And what did the real Tony Hawk do with the LFA loaner unit?

Well, he decided that jumping over the ultra-expensive coupe on his skateboard would be fun. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

Oh, and Lexus? After seeing the video, Lexus posted this message on its Facebook page: "Thanks Tony Hawk for taking the LFA to new heights. We'll pretend we didn't see this video skate across our desk. It's the least we could do to celebrate your birthday. We hope it was as great as you are!"

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