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Best of YouTube: Widebody on a (very tight) budget

PHOTO: Fitment Industries

Is widebody your style?

These guys comically take low-budget modification to the next level with this widebody installation. But on a serious note, remember that this is an April Fool’s video. Please don’t cheap out on the quality parts for your car, especially if it compromises your safety.

April Fool’s pranks that missed

Car companies love fooling around on April 1st, but this doesn’t mean all their pranks are automatic hits with their intended audience. Here are a few April Fool’s Day gimmicks that missed their mark.

More of the 2JZ-swapped GR Supra

By now, you know about Daigo Saito’s drift-spec Supra fitted with a custom 2JZ engine—the same mill powering the iconic MK4 Supra. The mega machine pushes 800hp and has the complete arsenal of a competition drift car. Watch it come to life in the video above.

Here’s something you don’t see every day

This is a completely functional 1942 LP2 Bren Gun Carrier from New Zealand. It moves pretty quick for its size and it can stop on a dime. Steering this thing is interesting because it only allows you to go full-lock right, full-lock left, or dead center—it’s sort of like an early 2000s PC racing game.

We can only dream...

We live in a tropical country, so by default, our weather is pretty hot. Our summers? Even hotter. Though we’ve grown accustomed to the harsh humidity, we sometimes can’t help but wish for cooler conditions or even some snow. While driving in the snow might pose a challenge, this Mitsubishi Evo X makes quick work of it all. Watch it in all its AWD glory.

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PHOTO: Fitment Industries
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