Best of YouTube: Migos joins Carpool Karaoke

Walk it like I talk it
by Jason Tulio | Nov 19, 2018

James Corden does the dab

The trio that brought us ‘Versace’ and ‘Walk It Talk It’ joins James Corden for a karaoke-filled ride. The trip includes some ’80s pop classics and an impromtu shopping spree.

Making the case for turbochargers

Ever wondered why more and more modern cars are being fitted with turbochargers? Let veteran mechanic and YouTuber Scotty Kilmer explain.

Cleaning therapy

Yeah, yeah, we know. We don’t have winter in this country, so why are we showing you a video about pre-winter detailing? Because damn it, watching a car being cleaned thoroughly is therapeutic, that’s why.

A familiar tale

Man buys car. Man falls in love with car. Man begins modifying car and joining car shows. Wife is not happy about it. Sound familiar?

Gentleman, start your consoles

Does skill on the track equate to success in a racing video game? As the hosts in this video find out, the answer is a resounding yes.

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