Best of YouTube: Can banana peels make an Audi spin out?

Mario Kart fans, press play
by Drei Laurel | Aug 27, 2018

Will banana peels really throw your car off?

This is something we're guessing a few of you gamers out there have been wondering since the first time you played Mario Kart. The Hoonigan boys find out the answer with a little help from an Audi RS 5 and a huge pile of banana peels.

A look inside Tesla's production plant

You've probably read that Tesla Boss Elon Musk has been crazy-busy these past few weeks. This is why we're very surprised to see the man taken the time to tour tech guru Marques Brownlee through his company's production plant. Dude looks like he needs some shuteye.

This is what a Lamborghini delivery looks like

Every wonder what it's like to take delivery of a supercar? Here's a hint: Apparently, the event is a much bigger deal than you probably think--enough to warrant a handful of spotlights and a crowd gathered out on the street on a cold Ontario night.

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Great shifting means great fuel economy

Here's something we're sure a lot of you newbie manual drivers will appreciate. Shifting gears is something every driver should learn to master, whether it's put on the open highway or stuck in gridlock traffic on EDSA.

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Another dad, another surprise

Sure, there are a ton of these on YouTube. But frankly, we just never get tired to see kids surprise their parents with brand new rides. Here's to hoping all of us can do something like this one day.

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