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Paul Walker may have been a big fan of Nissan's fabled GT-R nameplate in the Fast & Furious movie franchise, but according to YouTube channel The Smoking Tire, Walker was seriously interested in a lot of different cars, including American muscle.

Back in October 2012, The Smoking Tire was able to gain access to a facility that housed the cars of Always Evolving Performance tuning firm partners Walker and Roger Rodas. At the time the video was shot, however, the YouTube channel was asked to not reveal the name of the cars' owners. But now that Walker and Rodas are gone--courtesy of the car crash that claimed their lives--The Smoking Tire thinks it's time the world knew who owned the cars in the video.

Some of the cars shown in the eight-minute video are a plethora of Saleen Mustangs of various models, an 800hp Ford GT, a number of BMWs including an M1 and a handful of M3s, an extended-wheelbase Rolls-Royce Ghost, some Porsche 911s, a couple of Ferraris, and even an Eleanor recreation from the Gone In 60 Seconds remake.

Obviously missing in the video is the Porsche Carrera GT that claimed Walker and Rodas's lives. From what we've read from various news sources, the Carrera GT was a more recent acquisition by the partners, which is probably why it wasn't included in the video.

Watch the video.


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