Best of YouTube: Drifting a LaFerrari in dirt looks like epic fun

And expensive, too
by Drei Laurel | Sep 3, 2018

Kicking up dust in a LaFerrari

And here we are on a mundane Monday morning glued to a computer monitor. A sub-1,000hp Italian supercar, an empty factory, and a high-end camera drone--that's all we ask. It's not too much, is it?

The most epic Nurburgring save ever made

We've all been this dude at one point or another in our lives. Just last week, we managed to pay our telephone bill a day past its deadline--proof that we, too, like to live dangerously. Hopefully he left the house in brown underwear before taking to the 'Ring.

These Teslas sure can fly

Although, this probably isn't the type of flight Elon Musk had in mind when the Tesla Model S first started rolling out of his factory. Leeroy Jenkins! Hope the driver made it out okay.

An off-road Mercedes-Benz S-Class is as nuts as it sounds

Why buy a G-Class when you can just convert an S500 into an off-roading beast?


Well, that's enough Internet for one day

You've seen rubber tires, and even wooden ones--but we bet you've never seen a tire made entirely out of zip ties. This experiment plays out exactly as you'd expect. On a more serious note, it's probably time to get off YouTube and walk around for a bit.

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PHOTO: Florian Merckx
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