Best of YouTube: An off-road Lamborghini Huracan? Yes, please

The build is far from done though
by Lije Martin | Apr 15, 2019
PHOTO: Alex Choi

An off-road Huracan? Yes, please

This owner has turned his Lamborghini Huracan into a twin-turbo, rally-spec off-road machine. It has a fully customized roll cage that covers the entire car, and custom lights to complete the rally look. The build is far from done, but we can’t wait to see clips of this racing in the dirt.

This Camaro goes electric

This is the Camaro EL1 Formula Drift car. It runs on electricity using an 363kg battery pack situated where the engine used to be. A V8’s roar would’ve been neat, but this car was built with a different intention. Do you think we’ll see more electric drift cars in the future?

How much do racing sims help?

Realistic (and expensive) racing simulators are used by racing teams to train drivers on positioning and timing techniques. It’s a safer way to practice since you minimize the risk of injury (both to car and driver) during practice sessions. But do these racing simulators actually make you faster in real life?

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Safety is definitely the first priority

Finally decided to race your car on the track? Here are some tips on how to stay safe during your first day. Remember: Make sure your car is good condition, and don’t drive faster than you’re comfortable with. You wouldn’t want to get in an accident on your first day, right?

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3,300hp GT-R coming through

High-horsepower setups using Nissan GT-Rs aren’t a rare occurrence. The car’s a solid platform to build on, so when mechanics decide to take it even further, the builds become absolutely insane. With 3300hp spinning all four tires, this GT-R makes some serious speed—it reaches 358kph at one point.

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PHOTO: Alex Choi
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