Best of YouTube: All 'Transformers' had to do was ditch Michael Bay

Good choice
by Drei Laurel | Sep 25, 2018
PHOTO: Paramount Pictures

A proper 'Transformers' reboot

If you haven't caught the newest trailer for Bumblebee yet, press play on the video above immediately.  It offers us our first look at John Cena in the movie, as well as a glimpse at the rest of the Transformers. Who would've thought all production needed to do was get rid of Michael Bay?

Drifting without arms

Bartosz Ostalowski lost both of his arms in a motorcycle accident. What did he do since he could no longer ride? He continued his passion for wheels by drifting.  Watch Bartosz burn some rubber behind the wheel of a GT-R Skyline using nothing but his feet.

Bad towing companies aren't limited to the PH

Hey, shady tow truck operators aren't limited to third-world countries like ours, you know. This one in Brooklyn, New York was caught red-handed towing away unsuspecting motorists' cars at a fast food parking lot.

Is this the loudest Ferrari in the world?

A straight-piped V12 LaFerrari? Yeah, you might want to take your headphones off for this one. Or, you know, you could turn up the volume to the max and enjoy.

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A camping trip gone wrong

You've got to hand it to this dude. He's remaining pretty chill for someone who's watching his vehicle burn down to a crisp. And we haven't even mentioned the fact that he's out in the middle of the woods.

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PHOTO: Paramount Pictures
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