10 Christmas gift ideas from Mini

Perfect holiday presents for the cool and stylish
by Vernon B. Sarne | Oct 28, 2010

With just two months to go before Christmas, all of us will soon be rushing to the malls to get our loved ones a gift or two. With an endless stream of products being foisted on us on an almost daily basis, buying presents has never been more challenging. Always, the hardest question to answer when choosing a gift is whether the recipient will like it or not.

Now, the nice thing about car enthusiasts is that they're quite easy to please when it comes to Christmas presents. Just get them anything that is car-related or has a car brand stamped on it, and you're sure to put a smile on their lips come Christmas morning. And among the carmakers present in our market, Mini is among the very first to offer a line of lifestyle items you can wrap for the holidays. Here are our 10 picks from the company's Yuletide offerings. For their availability, just inquire at the Mini showroom of British United Automobiles at the Fort Global City.

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