You can actually build a BMW Hover Bike from Lego parts

Unfortunately, it doesn't float
by Vijay Pattni | Feb 18, 2017

You can buy a Lego Technic BMW R1200 GS Adventure. It is a kit comprising 603 parts that recreates, in miniature, the road-going BMW R1200 GS Adventure. All nice and lovely.

But, much to our delight, you can use the same kit to recreate something even nicer and lovelier. Something alternative: Meet the BMW Hover Ride Design Concept.

Yup, BMW and Lego got together and decided to make a concept hover bike. A Lego, concept hover bike. And excellently, BMW says the concept hover bike is "full of emotion and creative energy…though not laying claim to technological plausibility." Because of course, movies have lied to us and we’re still no closer to hover technology.

This "fictitious" model can be built using the same parts supplied for the, um, technologically feasible 1200 GS Adventure. BMW tells us the hover bike incorporates the Motorrad design DNA as well as drawing upon Lego Technic’s "stylistic idiom." Which is a different way of saying it looks absolutely awesome.

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Furthermore, BMW went one step further, and built a life-size replica of the Lego Technic hover bike concept. Students from the BMW Junior Company Munich were tasked with building a proper hover bike. Of course, many parts had to be specifically made, like the front-wheel rim "modified to form a propeller."

This one-off is to be showcased at Lego World in Copenhagen from tomorrow, before it heads off to Denmark and finally to BMW’s Munich base.

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