Many people are unfamiliar with the badges they put on their cars

Here's a simple visual guide for them
Sep 9, 2012

TRD Pajero

Readers have been sending us a lot of photos of cars wearing incorrect badges lately--like a Hyundai Accent with a Mugen license-plate holder or a Mitsubishi Pajero with a TRD badge or a Kia Rio with a Ralliart logo. While many people find such images funny, others also feel that the cars' owners need to be informed so that they may be enlightened.

It's true that a car owner--being the one who purchased his/her vehicle--has every right to put whatever badge or logo he/she wants on his/her car. But we feel that many of those who stick incorrect badges on their cars simply do not know any better. Hence, we've taken the liberty to prepare a simple visual guide to the most commonly misused car badges in the Philippines.

We've actually posted this on our Facebook page, but seeing how so many people shared and reacted to it, we feel like this should be seen by as many people as possible. So, if you're among those who are still unfamiliar with these car badges or logos, we hope you will not take offense that we're sharing this. Next time you buy a decal or badge for your car, we hope you will already know which correct one to get.

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Below are the 10 favorite badges of Filipino car owners. We know that there are many more not included on this list. Feel free to mention them in the comments box below.


The Top Gear Philippines guide to car badges

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