Remember the botched FJ Cruiser wrap job? \'Turbo Zone\' will air story

Tomorrow, December 28, on GMA News TV
Dec 27, 2013


Two weeks ago, we reported the story of a car-wrap job gone bad involving a brand-new Toyota FJ Cruiser owned by a popular TV personality and his wife. If you missed it, here is the gist:

The couple were able to secure a barter deal with a car-wrap distributor in exchange for some exposure on their TV show. Availing of the exchange deal, the couple had a clear wrap installed on their two-day-old FJ Cruiser, bought from an authorized Toyota dealership. When the wrapping job was done, the couple weren\'t happy with the result, as they saw bubbles all over the wrap. So they brought the vehicle to another, more reputable car-wrap shop to remove the first wrap and install a new one. That was when they found out their vehicle bore countless cutter marks as a result of the bad wrap job. Worse, the SUV\'s roof had sustained dents. Bottom line, they want the erring car-wrap distributor to replace their vehicle with a new unit, while said distributor is understandably only offering a repaint.

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A stalemate, in other words.

Now, our piece was sort of a blind item. We didn\'t name the couple, and we didn\'t identify the car-wrap distributor. Several readers naturally requested that we reveal the identity of the car-wrap company so they could avoid it. We haven\'t done so because, to be honest, we don\'t really want to be accused of siding with the TV personality and his wife, both of whom we personally know.

But if you\'re eager to find out which car-wrap company is involved in this case, we suggest you watch Turbo Zone tomorrow, December 28, at 10:30am on GMA News TV. We just received word that the weekly motoring TV show will air the story tomorrow, complete with the identity of the car-wrap distributor. You will also be able to see footage of the damaged FJ Cruiser, and judge for yourself.

After watching the show, tell us what you think.

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