Summit Media releases book compiling 100 funny Pinoy signs

Including a chapter on motoring
by Vernon B. Sarne | Jun 24, 2013


We Filipinos make the wittiest and funniest signs--either by design or by mistake--in the world. From the old \"Basta Driver, Sweet Lover\" quote to the hilarious \"Facebool\" spoof on a pedicab selling fishballs, we never seem to run out of entertaining ideas for these public notices and advertisements. Just go on Facebook or Twitter, and you\'ll be hard-pressed to scroll down without seeing a photo of these uproarious works of simple art.

Fortunately, Summit Media has compiled the best ones you can find around you. The publisher of Top Gear Philippines, which also happens to produce books, has released I Saw Da Sign (100 Funny Pinoy Signages), now available at leading bookstores for just P150 a copy. We\'ll overlook the wrong grammar in the title--\"signage,\" like \"baggage\" and \"luggage,\" doesn\'t have a plural form (apologies for the inherent tendency to proofread)--since this small book is all about images anyway.

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There\'s a chapter dedicated entirely to motoring, called \"LOL on Wheels.\" Among the side-splitting signs in this section are \"Free Wife On-Board\" (instead of Wi-Fi) and \"Taxicle\" (a pretentious tricycle, we suppose).

Anyway, check out this novelty book. It makes for a nice gift to friends living abroad or to vacationing balikbayan relatives. Indeed, there\'s no humor like Pinoy humor.

Photos by Vernon B. Sarne



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