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This takes us back

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Man, who doesn't love Tamiya? For many of us, the Japan-based plastic model manufacturer was our launching pad into the world of autos; whether it was racing the company's iconic Mini 4WDs or assembling scale models and setting up dioramas, each of us had something going with the brand.

For those of you who follow car culture, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the toymaker still has a solid following here in the Philippines. It might not be as crazy as during the peak of Tamiya racing in the '90s, but its toys and scale models are still alive and kicking up to this very day. In fact, Tamiya products can still be bought at several popular toy and hobby stores, including Hobbes and Landes and Lil's—and even Blade accessory shops.

We all remember the tiny roar of our Mini 4WD's engine, right? This shoot really took us back. In case you're no longer into assembling or collecting Tamiyas, we've compiled a list of reasons why you should reconsider. Press play on the video above and enjoy.


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