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Eight of the most fuel-efficient SUVs and pickup trucks in the Philippines

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You now know 10 of the most fuel-efficient cars in the Philippines but we are well aware not everyone wants to drive small cars. We thought it's just the right time to come up with a list of at least eight of the most pocket-friendly sport-utility vehicles (SUV) and pickup trucks available in the Philippines--fuel consumption-wise.

Since both segments are replete with diesel and gasoline-powered variants, we divided the list. If we just went by the old kilometers-per-liter fuel consumption, diesel will always trump gasoline and not everyone's a fan of diesel.

Like in the previous article, we relied on a few sources to come up with the list. Aside from the Department of Energy's (DOE) fuel economy runs in 2008 and 2009, the list is also based on the personal observations of members of the Top Gear Philippines team during test drives and, of course, the figures quoted by the car manufacturers and distributors. Don't blame us, though, when it's the car manufacturers and distributors themselves that cite the DOE's fuel economy figures.

Since the vehicles were driven in varying conditions, it's hard to really determine which of these vehicles are truly fuel-efficient. And as much as we'd like to test drive each and every vehicle available in the Philippines to give you our own, unbiased findings, that's practically impossible for a number of reasons that, if we enumerated on each one here, would probably bore you to death.

So, without further ado, we give you eight of the most fuel-efficient SUVs and pickup trucks in the country. If you can round it up to ten, what one gasoline and diesel-powered SUV and pickup truck would you add to the list?


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