A small tip to ensure smoother braking

No more jerky stops
by Jason Tulio | Oct 21, 2017


Have you ever ridden in a jeepney or UV express where it felt as if the driver had cinder blocks for feet? Forget modulation, those guys treat the pedals like whack-a-mole targets, mashing their feet full force at every opportunity. The result, naturally, is an uncomfortable, herky-jerky ride that'll remind you what you ate for dinner last night.

So if you don't fancy the idea of your passengers losing their meals in your back seat, here's a small trick you can apply to ensure smoother braking. It's a technique known as threshold braking, which entails controlling your car's brake pedal to maximize the tires' braking pressure. Basically, you brake right up the point before your wheels lock up. Here's a short demo so you have a better idea:

As you can see, threshold braking ensures you have maximum control of your car when slowing down. But take note what the video says about letting up on your braking ever so slightly just before the wheels lock up. This tiny adjustment isn't just safer, but it prevents the sudden jerks that make your passengers nauseous. Instead of coming to screeching halt, your car loses speed gradually before coming to a gentle stop. 

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As with many things in life, modulation (on your braking) and awareness (to brake with ample distance to spare) are key. Give it a try! 

NOTE: We want to emphasize that this is best for emergency situations that require full braking force. We apologize for any confusion it may have caused.

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