These are the challenges that delivery riders face every day

Let’s be considerate
by Aris Ilagan | Jun 23, 2021
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Especially this past year, many of us have come to rely on motorcycle delivery services because of...well, you already know the reason. This sector has literally helped keep things moving—items we’ve ordered, food we’re craving, documents we need to pass along, and so on.

Delivery riders are out on the road, rain or shine, working against traffic, fatigue, and other logistical hurdles—not to mention scammers—to fulfill orders on time. As with all other jobs, there are low points but also high points—finding help when they need it most, for example, giving help in return, and even finding love along the way.

Theirs is a physically demanding job, and as customers, being aware of their difficulties and extending them due courtesy can go a long way to easing their burden. We’ve spoken with some Foodpanda delivery riders, and they’ve shared some of the challenges they face on a daily basis:

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1) Delivery address not found

This despite consulting Waze or Google Maps, especially if your house doesn’t have a number posted outside. Even if the rider tries asking other residents or passersby in the area, no one can point him to the correct house—either the owner isn’t one to socialize or has just moved in.

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2) Overzealous guard dogs

If you have a guard dog that’s particularly good at its job, do take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your visitors. Quite a number of delivery riders have already ended up at the hospital because of dog bites. They have to contend with askal, too.

3) “Naliligo lang, kuya”

Good for you, still caring about personal hygiene while we’re still mostly cooped up in our homes. That reminds us to follow your example. But anyway, if you’ve already been given a heads-up by your delivery rider that he’s near your place already, surely you could put off jumping into the shower for a bit? We’re sure the smell isn’t that bad.

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4) Doorbell not working

What’s worse than waiting? It’s waiting for someone who doesn’t even know you’re waiting for them. If you’re expecting deliveries, make sure the doorbell at your house is working—and if it’s not, put a sign asking the delivery rider to call or message you instead...

5) Phones turned off, on silent, or unattended

...and make sure you can actually hear the call or message notifications. The delivery riders we’ve spoken with specifically said that some gamers can’t hear their doorbells or their phones because they play with headsets on. Yeah, we know some gaming sessions can get pretty intense, but don’t waste others’ time.

6) No one’s at home

If you know you’ll be out of the house, don’t schedule a delivery on that day, or if it can’t be avoided, have someone receive the package for you instead—and make sure to leave enough money if the item hasn’t been paid for yet.

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‘The customer is always right,’ as the saying goes, but be a responsible customer and take into consideration the time and effort that delivery riders put into their jobs. Remember, you’re not their only customer on any given day—no matter how minor the delay you may have caused, it can affect their schedule for the rest of the day as well. If you yourself hate waiting, don’t make others wait for you.

NOTE: This article first appeared on  and was translated by editors. Minor edits have been made.

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