Don’t ride a bike inside the house—watch a trials bike legend do it instead

Thought your TikTok video was all that?
by Rowan Horncastle | Apr 2, 2020

As the ancient Chinese proverb states: When life gives you quarantine, make a trials bike video. Wait, was it that? We can’t really remember. Either way, that’s exactly what Spanish trials bike legend Toni Bou has decided to do in these times of self-isolation, and the results are fantastic. And would make our parents go absolutely mental.

See, because he’s the most successful trials rider in history (a 26-time world champion and hands down the sport’s GOAT), if there’s one man to hop, skip, and jump a bike over household objects, it’s ya boi Toni.

To be fair, he doesn’t exactly live in a studio apartment, so he has some space to play with. But even so, hustling a big, heavy trials bike around a TV, a dog, and whatever else is lying around the house—mostly on one wheel—is no easy task.

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But here is proof—not that you needed it—that you can do everything in your daily routine (from getting dressed, cleaning your teeth, and wall-riding around your dog’s house) on a motorbike.

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