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Celeb gushes about BOSS Ironman Challenge: Nakaaaliw! Nakababaliw!

Comedian tackles 1,200km of roads in Northern Luzon

We mentioned comedian Wally Bayola in a recent article about celebrities who joined the 2019 BOSS Ironman Motorcycle Challenge. That feature, which focused on Matteo Guidicelli and Oyo Sotto, has garnered more than 12,000 likes, 240 comments, and 466 shares as of this writing.

On the other hand, a video of Bayola—aka Lola Nidora—sharing his unforgettable exploits at the endurance event is now going viral on the Internet.

For those unfamiliar with the BOSS Ironman Challenge, each participant must complete the grueling 1,200km route within 24 hourse to be declared a finisher. Of the 454 participants who took off at the Laus Group Activity Center in Pampanga last Friday evening, only 75% managed to complete the route in time. Bayola was among them.

Unlike newbies Guidicelli and Sotto, Bayola isn’t a first-timer at the BOSS Ironman. Last year, the Eat Bulaga! co-host finished the so-called Northern Luzon Loop in 22 hours, arriving at the finish line looking like a zombie.

In the video posted recently on the Eat Bulaga! Facebook page, Bayola appeared to have enjoyed this year’s event much more, despite the downpour that welcomed the riders in Cagayan and Ilocos provinces. This time, it took him only 18 hours to complete the challenge.

Bayola took off from the Laus facility on Friday at 11pm, riding a mighty BMW R1200 GS. By 6am the next day, he’d already reached Tuguegarao, Cagayan, and was en route to Cordon, Isabela. The endless twisties in Dipaculao, Aurora, almost drove him nuts: “Akala ko nagpapaikot-ikot lang ako. Parang walang katapusan ang twisties,” he recounted. He fought sleepiness and riding fatigue by eating bananas and black chocolates, and drinking lots of water.


He also found himself buying gasoline from roadside vendors while riding from midnight until dawn, because the fuel stations were all closed. “Bote-bote, pinatulan ko na,” he said. Wala nang gasolina ang motor ko.

Bayola was very thankful to those who offered food and water to the riders as they took quick naps in some areas. There were also Ironman checkpoints serving local delicacies at select Petron stations. The comedian was all praises, too, for the breathtaking beaches, vast farmlands, historial landmarks, and cheerful residents he’d encountered along the route.

At the awarding ceremonies the next morning, Bayola felt relaxed and accomplished. He even took time to entertain selfie requests from family members of his fellow Ironman participants.

Our dabarkad from Eat Bulaga! also mentioned that this will be his last time to join the BOSS Ironman Challenge. Oh, come on on, Wally! We’ve heard that line before from other participants, but we still see them at the event every year.

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