Review: 2018 Honda Click 150i

We try out Honda's latest scooter
by Aris Ilagan | Oct 3, 2018
PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

Two hundred and eighty one. Guess what this figure represents?

We bet that the first thing that came to your mind is the current retail price of a whole chicken. Or maybe the proposed toll fee hike from Balintawak to Rosario, La Union. When we hear a number nowadays, we're instantly struck by paranoia because we automatically think it has to do with another price increase. Relax guys, this has nothing to do with that.

The figure actually represents the combined total sales of the Honda Click 125i and 150i during the successful Honda Arangkada sa Caloocan event last September 29, 2018. Word of this phenomenal sales accomplishment has quickly spread. We nearly fell off our chairs upon hearing about it.

What's this apparent panic buying all about?

Honda Philippines hauled our group to the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC) so that we could experience the new Click scooters within the confines of a world-class rider training facility. We'll do a separate review of the Click 125i soon. For now, here are our insights on the Click 150i, Honda's front-line offering.

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If the intra-segment scooter battle were a beauty pageant, the new Honda Click would take home the crown hands down. Comparing its design with that of the previous Click 150i, we suspect that Honda motorcycle engineers spent time in isolation to meditate and come up with a bold, radical styling for the new model.

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With the striking, full-LED Dual Keen headlight turned on, you can easily recognize the Click from afar. Both variants also boast a sporty muffler design with an aluminum end cap—a design cue once exclusive to high-end big bikes.

You'll be able to differentiate between the 150i and the 125i through the decals that indicate their respective engine size. Take a closer look at the Click 150i's exclusive colors—Anchor Gray Metallic, Vivid Blue Metallic, Nitric Orange, and Space Magenta Metallic—and you'll see why it has clicked with the millennials.

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It's so surprising that the cute, little Click 150i has a relatively high seat. Even a rider standing 5'6" will find himself almost having to tiptoe to keep his balance when the scooter is stationary. However, the riding position is very relaxed, making this scooter perfect for daily city use.

The seats are a bit wide and can accommodate two passengers without compromising ride comfort. But those with size 10 feet and above might have difficulty finding a foothold on the step board. On the upside, under the saddle is the 18L UBox that's big enough to swallow a full-face helmet.

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Now, you're probably asking yourself: If the 150i and the 125i are almost identical in looks, why would I go for the former, which is more expensive by P20,000?

The media riders were able to experience both models on the different courses of HSDC, and we all agreed that the 150i has more punch especially down the straights and for uphill maneuvers on the steep concrete bridge. It accelerates more aggressively, quickly hitting the 60kph mark before we executed hard braking during the braking test.

From a full stop, the 150i exuded a smooth, linear take-off even at full throttle. The beast within comes to life at the middle and upper parts of the rev range.

By the way, here's the average fuel consumption of the two Clicks, according to Honda: 53km/L for the 125i and 51km/L for the 150i. However, it was not clear if the Start-Stop system on the 150i was activated to achieve these figures.

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Japanese scooters are known for being lightweight, nimble, and fast. The all-new Click 150i is no exception. Taking the Click 150i to the slalom course proved that this scooter can turn sharply and with precision. And thanks to the (very) short wheelbase, quick left to right maneuvers were effortless to execute. Everyone was smiling after doing quick, fast laps.

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Simulating a ride in stop-and-go traffic also gave us the impression that the new Click is easy to balance even for extended periods. The rider's sense of security is bolstered knowing that both Click models have the Park Brake Lock system.

What we found lacking at HSDC was rough roads, so for now, we cannot comment on how the Click fares in such riding conditions.

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Here's where the Click 150i shines best. Its amazing features include the Combi Brake System, Start-Stop system, keyless entry, and the Answer Back system, which helps the rider locate his bike in a crowded motorcycle parking lot.

As for ergonomics, the full LCD instrument panel provides almost all the information the rider needs, including the average fuel consumption. But did Honda miss one important feature here? Both the 150i and the 125i still don't have ABS. Safety could have been top-notch if ABS were matched with the Combi Brake setup.

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In the past years, many motorcycle enthusiasts felt that Honda had lost its tempo in coming up with competitive products in the scooter segment. It's a good thing that the Japanese manufacturer's engineers have gotten their act together and come up with an all-new Click, that appeals not only to yuppies but also to the student population.

Young and future riders were among the attendees of the Honda Arangkada Festival. Considering the daily traffic situation in Metro Manila and its adverse effects on students' study schedules and academic performance, this sector of riders is a big potential market.

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Price: P95,900

Engine: 150cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled

Power: 13hp

Torque: 13.4Nm

Transmission: Automatic

PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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