50 cars, 30 girls take part in Axe's bikini car wash

To save Boracay's beaches
by Patrick Everett Tadeo | Nov 4, 2012

TopGear.com.ph Philippine Car News - 50 cars, 30 Axe Girls take part in bikini car wash

A total of 50 cars were given a bikini car wash by 30 girls in Axe Philippines' "Sexy Saves Boracay" campaign. Though the event missed the projected target of 70 cars, it still raised a total of P25,000 (P12,500 from the car owners and another P12,500 from Axe Philippines) that will go to the fund-raising drive to clean and preserve Boracay's beaches.

The 50 cars were an eclectic mix of vehicles. Though most cars were of different sizes and makes--with a couple of luxury European cars taking part in the event like a second-generation Audi TT and a Volvo S60--a number of participants brought their SUVs and vans to be cleaned.

The event saw the girls escorting the first 10 cars into their designated, makeshift car-wash bays at the Aseana Grounds in Pasay City. Using recycled water that was transported to the venue from Unilever's water treatment facility, the car-wash boys from an unspecified car-cleaning facility first hosed down the cars. Once this was done, two girls worked together to soap each car thoroughly before the car wash boys took over to spray the cars with water again to wash off the soap before they proceeded to wipe the car dry.

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All in all, the girls worked for approximately five minutes on each car. With so many cars to service, the girls also took turns washing cars and resting.

Of course, it was a given that most, if not all, of the male participants had their cameras ready to take photos of the girls--now probably posted online on their respective Facebook pages.

During the lull while the now-clean batches of cars were being ushered out of their bays to make way for a new batch of dirty vehicles, event hosts Slick Rick and Sam YG had the girls participate in naughty games, like a tug-of-war with the losers falling into a water-filled inflatable pool. Sometimes, they'd perform choreographed dance numbers. (Can you guess what song they often danced to?)

With sexy car-wash girls being a rare sighting, we'd definitely participate in another one, especially if it were for a good cause. Maybe next time we'd bring a van or a full-size SUV just so the girls could spend much more time soaping it down.

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Photos by Patrick Everett Tadeo


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