750hp Arabian supercar to be unveiled at Qatar Motor Show

Priced at $3.4 million
Jan 25, 2013

W Motors Hypersport

When the Qatar Motor Show opens its doors from January 29 to February 2 at the Doha Exhibition Center, the main attraction won't be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. Instead, the centerpiece will be a car called the Lykan Hypersport, touted to be the first-ever Arabian supercar. Built by Lebanon-based W Motors, the Hypersport is a veritable attraction even on paper alone. Consider these numbers:

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* 750hp and 1,000Nm (flat-six twin-turbo engine);

* 0-100kph in 2.8sec (acceleration);

* 395kph (maximum speed);

* $3.4 million (price in US dollars)

Another impressive number about the car is seven. That's the exact total of units to be produced. Talk about exclusivity. All of a sudden, the 500-unit production run of the Lexus LFA seems too plebeian.

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"When we initially set up the company in Beirut, our launch event attracted thousands of people from the automotive industry, media, politicians and VIPs," said W Motors chief executive officer Ralph Debbas. "Not only did we usher in the formation of an exclusive automotive industry in the region, but I do believe that our first model, the Lykan Hypersport, raises the bar for hypercars worldwide."

Among the many incredible features of the car are:

Diamond-encrusted LED lights;

* Gold-stitched interior leather;

Reverse door opening system;

* 3D virtual holographic display with tactile interaction;

* ID4Motion interactive dashboard

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And because the asking price is truly eye-popping, W Motors is throwing in a couple more perks for every buyer of this hypercar:

* 24-hour dedicated concierge service; and

* Special-edition Cyrus Klepcys watch (worth more than $200,000)

According to the company, the first units of the Hypersport will be delivered to their lucky (and filthy-rich) owners in September this year.

For those of us who will definitely not be able to afford this car, there's a teaser video below that we can watch for now. Viewing is free, by the way.


W Motors Hypersport

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