Artist creates automotive art using rusted sheets of metal

Rusting in pieces to a whole new level
Jan 31, 2012

Bo Lundvang's rusted car art

To fans of the automobile, any artistic depiction of this land-based mode of transport is always worth looking at. And for an artist to use an automobile's mortal enemy--that is, rust--as his artwork's canvas, it requires both vision and patience, something which Swedish artist Bo Lundvang seemingly has a lot of.

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What Lundvang does is wrap a 40-inch-by-20-inch sheet metal in white vinyl. He then cuts out the profile of his design, removes some of the vinyl to leave a negative image of his pattern, and then exposes the metal to the elements, thereby letting only the bare metal portions to rust. Once the plate has decayed enough to Lundvang's liking, he then applies several layers of clear coat to it to stop the rusting process, in effect sealing the design permanently.

Besides the Dodge Charger you see here, Ludvang's other artworks include a Lamborghini Aventador and a Koenigsegg CCX.

Check out Lundvang's works on his site at

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