Blame the special hood: Jaguar F-Type to be a low-volume car

Because of complicated manufacturing process
Apr 17, 2013
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Jaguar is claiming that, despite the strong interest being shown by the public in the new F-Type roadster, it will be a low-volume car due to the complex manufacturing process for its single-piece all-aluminum hood.

According to the British carmaker, the hood of each F-Type has to be pressed three times to achieve the sharp creases on its outer edges. Jaguar reportedly even had to develop a new aluminum alloy to make the technique possible. It's the triple-pressing method that supposedly limits the production capacity of Jaguar's body shop, limiting the assembly line to operate just two shifts a day.

In addition, the capacity of the company that supplies the F-Type's electrically folding cloth hood also limits the number of cars Jaguar can make. Although it would be possible to ramp up the hood's production through extra investment in the supplier, Jaguar claims "there is no possible shortcut to speed up the manufacture of the vast clamshell hood."

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"Interest is huge in the US and big in the UK," said Jaguar global brand director Adrian Hallmark. "We have had way more interest in this car than for any launch we have ever done before."

Does this mean we'll get the F-Type much later than usual?

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