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We just wrapped up another technology tour with Toyota here in Japan, but before the trip ended we got a pleasant surprise. At the Toyota Kaikan Museum we bumped into the refreshed 86. We couldn’t help snapping a few photos so you can share our excitement. 

Keen eyes will immediately notice the new face and spoiler. There’s also a new wheel design, and it looks a little more aggressive than its predecessor. Of course, that won’t stop many future buyers from swapping them with aftermarket wheels. 

For current owners wishing this is just an external superficial upgrade, we have bad news. The cabin receives noticeable improvements—albeit not extensive ones. The steering wheel now has button controls, and there’s a small digital display in the gauge cluster. A classy touch is the 86 logo etched into the passenger-side dashboard; this reminds us of some Ferraris, actually. 

Overall, the changes aren’t drastic, but true fans will appreciate the updates. For us, it kind of felt like the first time we laid eyes on the 86 back in 2012. 

If you’re excited, you don’t have to wait long. The updated Toyota 86 will be launched before next weekend’s Vios Cup. We’ll have pricing and more details by then. Stay tuned.


Dinzo Tabamo
Executive Editor
Dinzo has been fascinated with cars since he was 12 years old, when he picked up a car magazine in his cousin's bedroom. It is a passion that never waned.
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