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Because we like to wander around car shows, we spotted the refreshed Toyota Vios at the 2018 Singapore Motorshow. Although it surfaced online about a year ago, this is the first time we saw it up-close. 

The new touches have hints of both elegance and aggression, similar to the updated Yaris that debuted recently. With new headlights, grille, and front fascia, this is a significant makeover. We can't blame current Vios owners if they suddenly feel that their unit seems dated. Maybe the drastic refresh can help justify the price increase caused by the new excise taxes? 

While the photos of the 2018 Vios that came out last year featured a cabin with striking red highlights, this one features a more sedate interior. There are silver accents and a touchscreen infotainment system, which is more in line with the Vios spec and trim that we know. 

With its Yaris twin already in our market and a sighting in a neighboring country, we have no doubt we'll see a new Vios this year. Are you excited to see it? is the most awesome automotive website in the solar system. Ask the Stig.
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