The new Bentley Flying Spur will have a rather familiar hood ornament

“This is like the poshest equivalent of ‘shots fired’”
by Ollie Kew | Apr 13, 2019
PHOTO: Bentley

Attention, relatives of the royal family, oligarchs, and rap musicians: You might want to hold fire on that order you’d poised for a new Rolls-Royce Ghost or Phantom.

See, a new Bentley Flying Spur is imminent. “So what”, says you, “that’s just a four-door Continental GT.” It ought to be a rather fine thing, but also a car of few surprises. Or so you thought.

Because here’s Bentley’s teaser video for the new Flying Spur. Give it a watch:

It features something very new for Bentley, and very likely to get up Rolls-Royce’s nose, too: a motorized, retractable ‘Flying B’ ornament for the hood. Just like the famous ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ that adorns Rollers.

And is it just us, or does it look illuminated? This is like the poshest equivalent of ‘shots fired.’

Hounds released? Butler loosed? We’ll see just how Bentley plans to take the fight to its illustrious rivals soon...

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PHOTO: Bentley
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