A special-edition Toyota 86 hits the European market

Meet the 86 Blanco
by Gerard Jude Castillo | Jun 26, 2015

Toyota 86 Blanco

It’s hard to believe that the Toyota 86 (or GT86 in other markets) is already three years old. First seen in 2012, the two-door sports coupe has captured the attention and pockets of many car enthusiasts around the world. Its balance of power, razor-sharp handling, good looks and everyday practicality is simply too much to resist.

But while many carmakers may rest on their laurels with a sales hit such as the 86, Toyota is different. In true Toyota fashion, the Japanese car giant continues to find ways to draw customers to showrooms. For its latest attraction, it gives us the special-edition Toyota 86 Blanco.

Taking a cue from its moniker, the latest addition to the 86 lineup can be had in any color--as long as it’s in GT White Pearl. The cool paint finish is enhanced by a red-and-gray stripe that runs the length of the hood and the roof. More red and gray accents can be seen on the side sills, the front lip, the rear diffuser and the side mirrors. The look is topped off by 10-spoke 18-inch Anthracite wheels with the 86 logo.

The special treatment continues on the inside with the seats covered in full leather trim. Buyers can likewise specify a nine-speaker JBL audio setup along with Toyota’s Touch and Go infotainment system for the utmost in sound-tripping on the road. To make the car truly special, each 86 Blanco has its own numbered plaque set in the center console to let the world know which particular unit you have.

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Of course, an 86 wouldn’t be what it is without its heart under the hood. This Blanco edition still has the tried and tested 2.0-liter, naturally aspirated and horizontally opposed four-cylinder motor that puts out a healthy 197hp. It may not be the most powerful out there, but its engine layout mixed with rear-wheel drive gives it balanced handling that many so-called sports cars can only dream of.

The Toyota 86 Blanco goes on sale in Europe beginning this July. We doubt this will reach our shores, but then who knows?


Toyota 86 Blanco

Toyota 86 Blanco

Toyota 86 Blanco

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