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BMW 2-Series

Exactly a year ago, we reported here that German carmaker BMW would be introducing even-numbered series in their product lineup to clearly distinguish the sedans from the coupes. The 2-Series would be the coupe version of the 1-Series, and the 4-Series would be the coupe version of the 3-Series.

The 4-Series already came to pass when BMW launched the production model in June. Now, it's little brother's turn to hit center stage as the Munich-based car company presents today the 2-Series coupe. In case you're a little underwhelmed by what you see above, we've posted below photos of a unit with the head-turning M Sport Package.

At this point, BMW has identified two variants for the 2-Series: the 220i Coupe with a 184hp four-cylinder engine, and the M235i Coupe with a 326hp in-line-six engine.

BMW has already published the car's physical dimensions: 4,432mm in length (72mm more than the outgoing 1-Series Coupe), 1,774mm in width (+26mm) and 1,418mm in height (-5mm), with a wheelbase of 2,690mm (+30mm). The luggage space of 390L is also 20L more than the predecessor.

No official launch date has been announced. like what you see?

BMW 2-Series

BMW 2-Series

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