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Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - Is the Morgan 3-Wheeler road-legal in the Philippines?

Earlier this week, we reported that Morgan Motor Company has quietly entered the Philippines through the newly established White Knight Automobiles dealership. Now, with the Morgan 3-Wheeler being its most sought-after model not just by customers in the country but enthusiasts around the world as well, we just had to wonder if it's actually road-legal in the Philippines.

Of course, we couldn't just assume that just because it's legal in the United Kingdom and the United States, it will also be legal here. So we had to check with the Land Transportation Office, and sure enough, the agency has a provision for the registration of a three-wheeled vehicle.

Local buyers of the Morgan 3-Wheeler, however, need not fret over their vehicle's registration since White Knight Automobiles confirmed that it will process this for them. But if these customers need to know, the following documents will be required by the LTO in order for them to register the 3-Wheeler as a, well, three-wheeled vehicle:

* Commercial invoice of the vehicle from the country of origin;

* Certificate of Guarantee or product-liability undertaking issued by the manufacturer or the importer;

* Bureau of Customs' Certificate of Payment;

* Certificate of Stock Reported;

* Sales invoice;

* PNP-TMG MV clearance certificate;

* Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report;

* Appropriate insurance certificate of cover; and

* Taxpayer’s Identification Number.

So, yes, the Morgan 3-Wheeler is perfectly road-legal in the Philippines. Now, do you see yourself driving one?

Patrick Everett Tadeo
Writer's resident writer lives and breathes the news. He might have burned a few bridges along the way just to give you the most relevant--and important--ones.
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