The Ferrari SP3JC is a ‘pure, uncompromising roadster’

It’s a one-off special based on the F12 tdf
by Stephen Dobie | Nov 30, 2018

Ferrari has developed a new business in one-off specials for the wealthy, and its latest car is this, the SP3JC. Its distinctly unsexy name is a red herring; this is a deeply exotic car that ought to be slightly terrifying to drive.

Hiding beneath its roadster body is an F12 tdf, one of the lairier Ferraris of recent years. If you need a reminder, that means a 769hp 6.3-liter V12 that’ll rev to the heavens and spin the rear wheels if you dare be the slightest bit clumsy. It’s an enthralling car, and removing all semblance of a roof ought to feed even more of its nape-prickling noise right into your ears. Wonderful.

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That engine is such a work of art, the SP3JC’s customer has requested glass panels in the hood to show teasing glimpses of it. Other styling flourishes include carbon rollover hoops and some intricate alloy wheels.

Beyond the headlights and the front grille, the styling takes a major detour from the F12 tdf, not least because of the razored-off roof. The color scheme has been dictated by its client’s love of pop art. Their brief was for a “pure, uncompromising roadster,” which is something we can really get on board with. If they happen to be reading this, um, please, can we have a go?

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