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"If you seek comfort, space and affordable tech, it might just suit your needs," we surmised after driving the 'regular' Ford Edge SUV. But what if you seek speed, pointiness and power?

Step forward, the brand-new Ford Edge ST. That's right. ST. The hot badge the most closely associated with the Fiesta and Focus has been applied to a big, heavy, unremarkable SUV. It's been unveiled by Ford US ahead of its Detroit Auto Show debut, and we have some details.

It is the first Ford SUV to have been tuned by Ford Performance, who are of course the same people who designed and built the GT supercar. It gets a 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 producing 335hp and 515Nm of torque.

That, in turn, is fixed to a "quick-shifting" eight-speed automatic gearbox and four-wheel-drive. You also get better brakes. And an ST-tuned suspension.

Select the 'Sport' mode, and you'll get a sharper throttle response and shifts that hold on to those revs for longer, sharper engine braking and a louder exhaust.

Distinguishable from its lesser-powered brethren, you'll spot a wider grille, deeper side skirts and dual exhausts. There are 21-inch wheels and all of the other toys that come packed into the Edge—which, admittedly, is rather a lot of toys.

If it paves the way for a banshee Edge RS, then hell, we're up for a laugh…

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