Gemballa\'s Porsche Panamera-based GTP 700 is one badass sedan

Find out what its top speed is
Dec 16, 2013


The GTP 700 of German tuner Gemballa is supposedly the \"fastest sedan with a weight of over two tons\" after it was clocked going at 338.8kph at the Nardo high-speed track recently in Italy.

According to Gemballa, the GTP 700, which is based on the Porsche Panamera Turbo, has 690hp to propel its curb weight of 2,045kg to 100kph in 3.3 seconds, with 200kph reached in 9.6 seconds and 300kph achieved in 26.5 seconds, figures that the tuner claims \"are on a par with exceptional sports cars such as the Ferrari Enzo.\"

\"The huge 22-inch wheels, unique to this car in the starting field of cars with a performance of more than 300kph, were entirely unaltered, as was the full equipment including rear-seat entertainment facility,\" said Gemballa chief executive Andreas Schwarz. Schwarz was reportedly behind the wheel of the GTP 700 when it achieved its 338.8kph top speed. \"In addition, the weight, the engine and the aerodynamics remained unchanged and were not adapted for this particular occasion. At Gemballa, our customers can always rely on the motto \'What you see is what you get\', even in the case of a record-breaking attempt. For this reason, we specifically decided to drive at top speed in a car that can be used without further modifications in normal road traffic. We don\'t want to make exaggerated fantasy claims and instead seek to wow our customers with actual facts.\"

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If you want to see how 338.8kph looks like in the Gemballa GTP 700, check out the video below.




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