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2nd-generation Hyundai Genesis preview

In 2008, Korean carmaker Hyundai shocked the motoring world by introducing an ambitious luxury RWD sedan called Genesis (not the sedan version of the Genesis Coupe, by the way). The critics sneered when Hyundai revealed the German sedan against which the Genesis had been benchmarked during its development: the BMW 5-Series. But the Asian car company shut everyone up with an excellent product. Hard to believe that this was the same car manufacturer that merely borrowed technology from Mitsubishi in the '90s.

So now industry observers can't wait to see what the second-generation Genesis would look like. Here it is, as shown in these official image renderings released yesterday by Hyundai to the Korean press. According to Hyundai, "the all-new Genesis will debut in major markets next year."

The carmaker also says that the all-new Genesis is the first Hyundai model to adopt the Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language. The new Genesis features "a singular hexagonal grille and easy-to-understand and pleasant design." Hyundai boasts that the new version of its flagship car will possess a premium sports-sedan appearance.

"The evolved all-new Genesis is the product of Hyundai's best resources and capabilities, and we strongly believe it will be a game-changer in the market," declares Hyundai R&D head Moon Sik Kwon.

Out of topic, but aren't you getting sick of the term "game-changer"? Seems to us every car company is using it to trumpet the purported superiority of the latest vehicles to hit the market. Just a thought: If everyone keeps changing the game, what exactly is this game and who's playing it?

We're just teasing, Hyundai (and all other automakers who haven't tired of abusing the tag line). We're sure the new Genesis will kick some European ass.


2nd-generation Hyundai Genesis preview

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