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It’s easy to overlook the Mazda 6, especially in the sedan-crazy Philippine market. It isn’t an SUV, so it isn’t selling like proverbial hotcakes, and the current model has been on sale for what feels like a very long time indeed.

But every now and then we’re reminded of its existence. And with that comes the realization that yes, this is a car we like very much. It’s good looking, good to drive and from a brand that, quite simply, doesn’t make a bad car. An unsung hero, if you like.

And Mazda’s just announced it’s getting another facelift, this one bringing a “more mature, elegant and refined exterior design”, a revised interior with completely new seats, improved engines and driving dynamics, better aero for less NVH, and more active safety tech. These are all good things.

Alongside the refreshed 6 at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, Mazda will also display the Vision Coupe and Kai Concept—the second of which previews the next 3 and Mazda’s deeply clever compression ignition Skyactiv-X gasoline engine.

As of now Mazda already has one the most solid lineups in the market. Based on what's coming this year, it looks like the range is about to get better.

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