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McLaren 675LT

A week ago, McLaren Automotive revealed that it was reviving the LT--short for "Longtail"--name it last used on the McLaren F1, and that it would be for the upcoming 675LT. At that time, the only detail the British supercar maker shared about the model was that it would produce 666hp.

Well, McLaren has just released a few more details about the 675LT that might whet your appetite for it a little more.

A heavily revised version of McLaren's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 powers the car with a torque figure of 700Nm, although controlled torque delivery of 600Nm "ensures optimized acceleration and traction from a standing start in first gear."

The 675LT also sports a redesigned crossover exhaust system formed from lightweight titanium. Its two circular titanium exhaust pipes exit centrally through exposed bodywork below the rear Longtail airbrake that has been designed "to optimize performance and reduce weight--another pillar of the LT ethos."

Additional details of the McLaren 675LT, including its performance figures, will be released during the car's global debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in March.

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