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McLaren reveals track-only 12C variant

Called the 12C GT Sprint


McLaren Automotive\'s race-car producing arm has come up with a high-performance, track-only variant of the MP4-12C known as the 12C GT Sprint.

Designed and developed by McLaren GT, the 12C GT Sprint bridges the gap between the road-going 12C and the hardcore, track-focused 12C GT3 and 12C GT Can-Am Edition. According to McLaren, this means the 12C GT Sprint delivers a track-focused GT racing experience while \"retaining the balance and precise characteristics much praised in the road car.\"

The 12C GT Sprint sports a more aggressive front bumper, a GT3-inspired hood with radiator exit ducts, and front-wing louvers. Sitting 40mm lower than the standard car, the 12C GT Sprint is fitted with a track-focused braking system with carbon-ceramic brake discs. Tire changes are also made easier through an on-board air jacking system and center-locking 19-inch OZ wheels shod with Pirelli racing slick tires.

Inside, the 12C GT Sprint is fitted with an FIA-approved rollcage and integrated fire extinguisher system. A fully adjustable HANS-approved, lightweight composite racing seat fitted with a full six-point harness provides the optimum driving position, while a lightweight air-conditioning system provides added comfort. A carbon-fiber dash houses the race-developed digital display and key vehicle controls that interface with a McLaren GT-developed steering wheel.


The 3.8-liter twin turbo of the 12C GT Sprint produces 616hp, just like the standard car, but it is equipped with a unique oil system and a cooling system that features a 12C GT3-developed central front radiator. The 12C GT Sprint also retains the 12C\'s seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

An initial batch of 20 12C GT Sprints will be delivered to McLaren\'s customers later this year.

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