Top Gear Philippines Philippine Car News - McLaren sort of reveals P1's Nurburgring time

McLaren has sort of revealed the lap time of its P1 hypercar around the Nurburgring's Nordschleife circuit, and we really mean "sort of" because the British carmaker would only say that it achieved a "sub-seven-minute lap time" on the famed track.

The sub-seven-minute time was set by McLaren test driver Chris Goodwin. And although McLaren refuses to give the P1's exact lap time, it did share that the 20.8km track was covered by the car at an average speed "in excess of 178kph," with the cornering forces exerted on the car reaching up to 2g. The Supernova Silver production-specification P1 even reportedly hit its electronically limited top speed of 330kph in Race mode on the track's Dottinger Hohe back straight.

But perhaps the most impressive achievement by the P1 is this: According to McLaren, the car was driven from McLaren's Woking, England, headquarters to Nurburgring in Germany--a distance of nearly 630km--to demonstrate its road-to-race ability.

"The sub-seven-minute lap time at the Nurburgring was set as part of a list of targets the P1 had to meet," said Goodwin after his run. "And, as with other objectives within the program, the team has more than achieved what we set out to do. It is a fitting tribute to the company in its 50th year, and to Bruce, the founder, whose ideals we live every day."

Check out the short video below of the P1 attacking the Nurburgring. You'll sort of enjoy it.


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