The V8-powered Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S does 0-100kph in 3.8secs

One fast and expensive SUV
by Vijay Pattni | Aug 17, 2017

Think about this for a moment: A Mercedes SUV, powered by an AMG V8, weighing two tons, producing 503hp, able to go from 0-100kph in 3.8secs and max out at 280kph.

Welcome everyone, to the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S. You’ve already seen this car—it was first revealed a few months back—but only today can we reveal just how nutjob fast the thing actually is. And how much it costs.

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Prices for the ‘regular’ Mercedes-AMG GLC63 start at £68,920 (P4.5 million), but for that outlay you get the non-S, 469hp version. That’ll do 0-100kph in four seconds flat. Not too shabby.

The S version of this SUV starts from £75,670 (P4.99 million), and will comfortably outgun a Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack by some margin. Delimit the thing, and it’ll top 280kph.

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The GLC63 Coupe records the same figures as its more traditional SUV sibling, but costs more: the non S is £71,410 (P4.7 million), while the S Coupe is £78,160 (P5.16 million).

Of course, you’re getting quite a lot of engine for that outlay—a scaled up AMG C63, if you will—which means a hand-built, bi-turbo V8, allied to a nine-speed AMG sports auto ‘box and four-wheel-drive.

There’s also the small matter of big brakes, AMG sports suspension, a rear diff lock, sports seats with Nappa leather, ambient lighting and 19in alloys. S versions get 20s, performance seats, a ‘Track Pace’ app (please deploy without saying ‘watch this’), and an electronic rear diff lock.

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If you’re what they call an ‘early adopter’, you can spend even more money and purchase an ‘Edition 1’ version of the S version of both SUVs. The GLS 63 S Edition 1 costs £90,824 (P6 million), while the GLC 63 S Coupe Edition 1 costs £93,219 (P6.15 million). The additional outlay buys you yellow decals, grey paint, ceramic brakes, an AMG performance exhaust, 21s, a Burmester surround system, and AMG’s night pack, amongst other such luggzuries.

Yes,that's a lot of money for a V8-powered, AMG SUV. It is blindingly quick, though.

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