Mercedes-AMG is launching yet another variant of its GT supercar

The GT R Pro is said to ‘deliver even more racetrack performance’
by Vijay Pattni | Nov 22, 2018

Mercedes-AMG has confirmed it is building a new version of its storming GT supercar. It will be called the GT R Pro, and it

Ahead of its unveil at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, AMG has only said at this stage how the GT R Pro will “deliver even more racetrack performance,” using data from customers who have raced the AMG GT3 and AMG GT4 racing cars. The photo above is the only one released thus far, and to be fair, the car does look angrier than usual. This, from a car whose secret is it’s always angry.

We’re told the ‘regular’ AMG GT supercars (nobody has ever referred to them as regular) will also get new updates to the exterior and interior to better align with the AMG GT four-door coupe. All happy families.

Just how wild will this GT R Pro get? The non-pro GT R is practically certifiable, what with its 577hp, active aero, and rear-wheel steering. Stay tuned for the full story from LA soon.

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