Like the new Mercedes-Maybach SUV but wish it was a bit less bulky? The new Mercedes A-Class--boasting an extraordinarily similar body shape--is here to end your woes.

For now, it's only for China, where the traditional sedan shape is still big news. Called the A-Class L Sedan, its wheelbase is 60mm longer than the A-Class hatchback's for better loungability. It's a word. Promise.

There's a wealth of tech on board, including a voice-control system that's apparently fluent in several Chinese dialects. It'll be made in China, too; it's Merc’s biggest market these days, and in 2017, two-thirds of the 590,000 cars sold there were made locally.

What does it mean for other markets? We'll probably get a shorter-wheelbase A-Class Sedan, while it's also a potential hint at what the next CLA four-door coupe will look like, though we'd expect that to be a bit swoopier in roofline and rear styling. This L Sedan appears to have practicality top of the priority list.

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