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When the current-gen Chevrolet Spark entered the Philippine market early in 2017, it immediately struck us as one of the better-looking offerings in its segment.

This preception was largely due to the small hatchback’s relatively bold front end and large, attractive headlight designs. Well, the American carmaker has just revealed the refreshed Spark in the US, and it builds further upon the mini car’s looks with a handful of exterior tweaks and additional safety features.

The first thing you’ll notice on the vehicle’s updated face is the additional chrome trim tucked in between the redesigned upper and lower grilles as well as the headlights which flank them, and around the foglights. And speaking of the headlights, their LED daytime running lights have been moved slightly lower for a look which Chevrolet says is more in line with the rest of its stable. Not much is new inside, where the only additons are two illuminated USB ports.

In terms of safety, the Spark now comes available with Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking, alongside Forward Collision Alert and a Lane Departure Warning system.

And that’s about it. The Spark remains powered by a 1.4-liter gasoline engine capable of 98hp and 127Nm of torque. So there’s nothing groundbreaking—just enough to cement its place as a stylish city ride.

Chevrolet says the aesthetic enhancements add more “attitude and purpose” to its mini hatch offering. Will the Spark’s new look be enough to sway buyers away from its competition? You guys be the judge.


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