The all-new GT is the fastest production Ford ever

We're talking Ferrari-level performance
by Tom Harrison | Jan 26, 2017

Over a month after the first production cars rolled off the line, Ford has finally revealed just how fast the new Ford GT is. The answer, somewhat predictably, is very. 

We now know that the GT’s 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 makes a whopping 638hp at 6,250rpm, and 745Nm at 5,900rpm. Not quite as powerful, nor as torquey, as a Ferrari 488 GTB (660hp, 760Nm) but close. Really close. A dry weight of 1,385kg puts it within 15kg of the 1,370kg Ferrari, while its top speed of 347kph is a fair bit faster than the Ferrari’s 330kph. 

Around Calabogie Motorsports Park, a five-mile track not far from Ottawa, Canada, Ford claims the GT is a second quicker than the McLaren 675LT (one of the GT’s "primary competitors", says Ford, alongside the 488) and some three seconds quicker than the mighty Ferrari 458 Speciale. No 0-100kph time yet, but if both the 488 and 675 do it in three or so seconds, we can expect similar from the GT.

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In case you were wondering, these numbers make the vehicle the fastest production car to ever wear the Ford badge.

If you want to nerd out and look at the full spec sheet, go right ahead. Alternatively you can amuse yourself by watching the GT enter into ‘Race Mode’ time and time again, or by ogling at the vehicle's sci-fi-worthy digital instrument display.

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