New Lexus GS

The spindle grille--as technically defined by Lexus--first appeared on a production model via the GS in late 2011--although we think it was the CT200h back in late 2010 that first gave a hint of this grille shape, albeit not in its full-blown form. This controversial grille design ultimately became the common signature visage across the Lexus product line.

"The spindle grille is Lexus's seal of authenticity, and all future models will come with this bold frontal design," says Beyond editor-at-large Shogo Hagiwara. "Each version will receive a slightly different design treatment to cater to each model's specific target audience." Beyond is Lexus's official lifestyle magazine.

Well, here is the face-lifted GX luxury SUV, the latest Lexus model to be given the spindle-grille treatment. Remember that Lexus Manila also sells the GX460 here, so this news has bearing on our market. We just don't know when the new-face version will reach our shores.

Do you think the agressive new grille suits the GX?


New Lexus GS

New Lexus GS

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