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The most recent Star Wars film was called Rogue One. Nissan in the States sells a car called ‘Rogue’. You can guess where this is going…

Yes folks, for the New York motor show, Nissan will reveal the—deep breath—Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition. Apparently, the Nissan Rogue One (which is what we’re going to call it, because we don’t have the rest of time to try and type out the name a second time) is the “first production vehicle ever to include Star Wars-branded elements.”

And by branded elements, read: special stickers and badges, and some branded floor mats. Yep, really.

Of more interest however, is the car in the picture above. It’s a one-off custom concept featuring much Star Wars-spec paraphernalia. We’re talking thrusters, blasters, side mirror Rebel logo projectors, and even an astromech droid, all inspired by an X-wing fighter. Take that, dark side!

There’s another concept at the show too—a 2017 Nissan Rogue wrapped in special orange and white graphics and logos, inspired by an X-wing pilot’s suit. 

Perhaps it’s time to lobby for Nissan Philippines to follow suit with a Nissan X-Wing?

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