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The very first production Ford GT has finally been built

The wait is almost over

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a very warm welcome to the very first Ford GT supercar fit for consumption. Ford has confirmed that the first car has rolled off the production line in the US, signaling the start of a very interesting adventure…

Ford executive vice president Raj Nair was the man who drove the finished car into its new life, inside the company’s new, low-volume assembly facility at Multimatic in Markham, Ontario. It also means he's kept good on his ambitions for 2016: win at Le Mans, and start building the road-going supercar before the year is out. And just in the nick of time, too.

"For everyone involved in designing and developing this car," Nair says, "including all of our employees and suppliers, this is a moment to celebrate."

What do we know about the all-new Ford GT, then? There’s a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine driving the rear wheels with 'more than' 600hp. Smaller than the old GT's V8, but with motorsport development behind it, Ford is claiming great efficiency.

Performance is the key factor here though, and while nothing has yet been confirmed, a 0-96kph time close to three seconds and a top speed north of 322kph ought to be very feasible targets.

There's plenty of carbon fiber, a carbon passenger cell, and carbon chassis components too. It will, Ford promises, boast "one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any production car." Boom.

Also, you will spot that it looks excellent. There's plenty of active aero about the place too: a rear wing whose height and angle react to speed and conditions. Other good things include racing-inspired pushrod suspension, adjustable ride height and upward-swinging doors.


There's no manual gearbox here, but instead a seven-speed paddleshifter, while inside there's a fully customizable instrument display and a fixed seat (you move the pedals and wheel instead). How very LaFerrari.

Looks rather superb in gray too, no?

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